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Web Site & Online Booking

You've charged my card & you havent confirmed things with me yet!
How Do I Make A Booking?
I placed an order but didn't receive a ticket yet
I am having trouble placing an order - getting Error 15005
There is an authorisation on my card but I cancelled


Do you do discounts for booking multiple tours?
Can I walk around a roadblock?
Can you provide any visa documentation? Can you send us an invitation letter?
Can I use USD$ in Bolivia & Peru?
Opening / Working Hours Christmas & New Year 2017
What are your cancellation policies?
Can you tell me when a roadblock or strike will end?
Can you send me a price/total?
What currency are your prices in?
Do you offer discounts for children?
Can I book a tour via e-mail? Can I book over the phone?
Can I leave my bags at your office while I am out on a tour?


Do you offer a Sun Island tour starting from Puno?
Why don't you do salt flats tours over Christmas/New Year period?
What are the differences between Red Planet/Quechua Connection/Perla de Bolivia/Standard Plus 3-day salt flats tours?
Can I pay to upgrade hotels on the salt flats tours?
How does rainy season affect the Pampas & Jungle Tours & Rurrenabaque Flights?
Can I take a bike tour and catch an overnight bus on the same day?
Can I arrive on an overnight bus and start a bike tour the same morning?
What time do salt flats tours start?
How does rainy season affect the Salt Flats Tours?
What altitudes do the salt flats tours visit?
What happens if it rains on the day of our Death Road trip?
How often are the Rurrenabaque flights cancelled?
Do you do salt flats tours that finish in Tupiza?
Do you do salt flats tours that start in Tupiza?
Do you do 2-day salt flats tours?
Do you pick me up at the airport for flights to Rurrenabaque?
Is there malaria in Rurrenabaque and in the areas where pampas and jungle tours take place?


Can I enter the Machu Picchu site with my big backpack/luggage?
Can I climb the Huayna/Machu Picchu if I take the 1-day tour by train to the Machu Picchu?
I have already purchased my entrance to the Machu Picchu site. Can I still buy one of your Machu Picchu tours?
How hard is the Inca Trail?
For rainbow mountain tours will there be an oxygen tank in case of emergencies?


Do you offer transport bookings in Chile?