Cochabamba is Bolivia's third largest city and is famous for its food and wonderful climate.

For some reason, probably because it is not on a direct route from the South to La Paz (although a new road is under construction that links these two directly), it is often overlooked by travelers.

For those that do make a trip to "City of Eternal spring" they often discover it has a lot to offer with the added bonus of less tourists than other parts of the country - although this is changing bit by bit as people discover what there is to do!

Cochabamba is also the launching point for tours into the National Park Toro Toro which is an extremely popular excursion into this area of natural beauty.

A day hike out to Cerro Tunari is a wonderful way to get out of the city and really experience the local countryside. It can be a bit of an effort to get to the top but the views back to the city are incredible. The area also contains lots of fossils and it is quite easy to spot them in various rock formations with the help of your guide. If you are lucky you can also spot wild condors in this area.

Cochabamba Tours

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  • Toro Toro National Park 3-Day Tour - Cochabamba

    Take this three-day-tour and visit the wonderful Toro Toro national park with incredible scenery and explore, caves, waterfalls and see the amazing dinosaur footprints. Please enter the product to see price according to the group size.

  • Cerro Tunari 1-Day Trek - Cochabamba

    Climb to the top of Cerro Tunari and experience incredible views of the Cochabamba valley below and mas far as Illimani mountain in the distance. Pass near ancient traditional communities, spot the majestic condor in the wild, see herds of llamas and if we are lucky some wild vicuñas. Glistening mountain lakes, mysterious fossil formations and Quenua forests (world's highest trees) all make for a fantastic mountain adventure out of the city in just one day.

  • Incallajta Site Day Trip - Cochabamba

    Visit Incallajta, Bolivia's largest yet seldom visited Inca site - the most easten fortress of the Inca empire. Includes a trip to the colonial village of Chimboata largely unchanged for centuries.

  • Chapare Multi-Activity 3-Day Tour - Cochabamba

    This tour is an incredible combination of the best extreme and adventure activities Bolivia has to offer. You will get to do zipline, rappel, rafting and trekking in the stunning sub-tropical environment of the Chapare province, in the Cochabamba region. Suitable for confident beginners looking for some adrenaline! Price depends on group size. 

  • Toro Toro National Park 2-Day Tour - Cochabamba

    This is a shorter version of the tour to the wonderful Toro Toro national park, ideal for those who are short on time and do not want to miss out. Surrounded by incredible scenery you will explore caves, waterfalls and see the amazing dinosaur footprints. Please enter the product to see price according to the group size.