La Paz is the starting point for many visitors to Bolivia and offers a variety of great tours and activities. Most people who visit Bolivia will pass through La Paz at least once.

It was founded in 1548 and it owes much of  its growth to its  location, as it was located halfway between the two main cities of the area during the Spanish domination - Cusco and Potosi.

La Paz is considered the most important city in Bolivia although it's not the largest and it is not even the official capital city, that honour lies with Sucre.

It is the seat of government though, the main transport hub and headquarters to many international organisations and businesses.

We offer a variety of activities in La Paz  and the surrounding areas from activities for just a few hours, half day tours,  full day tours and multi day excursions.

We are confident that you can find plenty of things to do during your time here. Here is a sample of just some of the things we offer - you can see more in the full tour selection at the bottom of the page.

If you are looking for a city tour of La Paz checkout out our City & Walking Tours section that has a few options for you to choose from

Death Road - Mountain Biking Tours

Death Road Tour from La Paz

One of the most popular day tours from La Paz, and on many a backpackers to do list, is to ride down the Worlds Most Dangerous Road on a mountain bike trip.

This incredible day out is filled with adrenaline , lots of fun, wonderful scenery and of course is a great story to tell your friends back home!

Whilst sometimes the danger level is exaggerated in late night hostel bar stories you should take the ride seriously and only use a safe operator - trying to save lots of money here could cost you seriously!

That said we can offer both teh very best option and also a safe budget option for you.

We work with the best operator Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking  who pioneered Death Road biking as a tourist attraction and also their budget sister operator Barracuda Biking to ensure we can offer the safest tours possible.


Tiwanaku Tour from La Paz


A few hours drive from La Paz is the site of Tiwanaku (also spelt Tihuanaco) that is said to have once been on of the most important civilisations in the world.

It is a pre-inca site that was founded around 200 BC and thrived until around the year 1000 AD when it started to decline gradually.

Estimations of the peak population of the Tiwanaku civilsation. which was not confined to the Tiwanaku site but had influence across the continent,  ranges between 200,000 and 1.4 million.

Alot is unknown about Tihuanaco but there is evidence they were advanced in math and astronomy aswell as being acomplished in construction and ceramics.

The site can be visited on a day tour from La Paz leaving around 8.30am and returning in the afternoon.

See full details of our Tiwanaku Day Tour 

Chacaltaya / Moon Valley

Chacaltaya Tour from La Paz

Once famous for being the worlds highest commerical ski facility Chacaltaya no longer see many skiers as the glacier has fallen victim to global warming and there is very little snow most of the year. 

It is still a popular day trip from La Paz though as it offers people wonderful scenery and a relatively easy way of standing on top of a 5300 meter mountain peak.

It is combined with a visit the the Valley of the Moon (Valle de la Luna) in Mallasa, in the southern zone of La Paz.

See full info for our Chacaltaya & Moon Valley Day Tour

Rock Climbing in La Paz

Rock Climbing Tour from La Paz

A sport that is gradually increasing in popularity in Bolivia is rock climbing and in La Paz this is helped by having the easily accesible Valle de Aranjuez in the southern part of the city about 30 minutes from the center.

On weekends it is common to see climbers of all abilities testing their skills on one of the 100+ routes available.

If you fancy trying climbing for the first time or are an experienced climber that just needs a guide and equipment you we arrange tours suitable for everyone.

See full details of our Rock Climbing in La Paz Tour

Tandem Paragliding

 Paragliding La Paz Bolivia

Soaring above the valley of Hujachilla in the far south of La Paz with Illimani mountain in the distance is the closest feeling to flying like a bird there is.

Both relaxing  and exciting at the same time tandem paragliding in the high altitude bolivian air is an exhilerating experience.

Our qualified and experienced paragliding pilots ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience that makes for a memorable morning trip from La Paz

See full details for our Paragliding Tour from La Paz

ATV - Quadbiking - Motorcycle Tours

ATV Tour La Paz Bolivia

In the sunny town of Mallasa on the southern outskirts of La Paz riding quadbikes or motorbikes along the dirt trails that wind out into the hills all around is a fun packed way to spend a few hours out of the city.

With automatic  or manual ATVs your level of riding expertise is not important and for if your a nervoud beginner you can even have a guide assist you to drive.

If your a quadbike or motorbike enthusist there are also options for half day, full day or longer tours out of the city along the death road or out to Chacaltaya 

See details of our Quadbiking Half Day La Paz Tour

Urban Rush Rappeling

Urban Rush Tour La Paz Bolivia

Walking through the city center in La Paz you can sometimes spot an amazed local looking up towards the upper floors of the rear of Hotel President in amazement as they see spider man descending down a rope.

Maybe for a moment they are wondering why he needs a rope or why he is laughing or screaming all the way down?

They soon realise though that it is a tourist enjoying the Urban Rush rappeling activity wearing one of the fancy dress outfits they have for your use. 

A fantastic way to fill an hour or two during your stay in La Paz this professional and safely run activity offers both reverse and front facing rappeling with a 20 freefall drop 6 floors from the bottom. A great way to get the heart pumping!

Check out the details for Urban Rush Tour

Vertical Route Multi Activity Circuit

Vertical Route Tour La Paz

Another adrenaline filled day out  for adventure seekers the Vertical Route tour drive a few hours towards the Yungas to the town of Coripata where after a short hike with outstanding cloud forest valley views you arrive to a spot that is setup for adventure.

The activities of the day include rappeling, a zipline , a via ferrata, a tibetan bridge and a nerve testing rope swing. All set amongst the Yunga scenery this is a wonderful day out.

See the full details of the Vertical Route Tour

Tuni Condoriri - Pico Austria 1 Day Trek

Tuni Condoriri Trek Bolivia


Perfect for those who dont have time for a longer trek or for some acclimitization before a climb the 1 Day Tuni Condoriri trek gets you out into the Andean mountain range of the Cordillera Real a few hours from La Paz.

Whilst it is quite high in altitude the trek is a gradual ascent so is not too challanging but also has the option of adding a hike up to Pico Austria for those who want to push the energy levels a bit more.

See full details of the Tuni Condoriri - Pico Austria Trek 

Multi Day Tours

La Paz is also the starting point for a number of other multiday treks, climbs and tours. You will find various options in the full list of tours below.

Some of the most popular include the 3 Day Huayna Potosi Climb, the most popular trek in bolivia the  3 Day El Choro Trek and the off the beaten track 5 day Sajama National Park and Uyuni Salt Flats Tour

La Paz Tours

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  • World's Most Dangerous Road (Gravity Assisted)

    Mountain biking down the “Worlds Most Dangerous Road" from La Cumbre to Coroico is one of the most popular activities amongst backpackers in Bolivia. Suitable for confident beginners and experienced riders alike this is a ride to remember. This is with Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking - the best and safest company for this ride.

  • World's Most Dangerous Road (Barracuda Biking)

    Mountain biking down the “Worlds Most Dangerous Road" from La Cumbre to Coroico is one of the most popular activities amongst backpackers in Bolivia. Suitable for confident beginners and experienced riders alike this is a ride to remember. This is with Barracuda Biking - a safe and reliable company.

  • Urban Rush - World's Highest Rappel - La Paz

    Rappeling down the 50 m wall of the 5-star Presidente Hotel is one of the most exciting activities to do in La Paz! Book this adventure with us and add a special touch to your stay in this beautiful city. With certified high-quality equipment and trained guides we are sure you will have an amazing time. This tour lasts for about 1 hour total (training & descent) and you can take it anytime from 1 to 5 pm daily. Book two drops at once for a special price.

  • Tiwanaku Pre-Inca Ruins 1-Day Motorcycle Tour - La Paz

    This unique day trip combines the adrenaline of a motorcycle ride through the Bolivian altiplano with the visit to the UNESCO-protected archaeological site of Tiwanaku. This is suitable for all levels of riders with a motorcycle licence and an incredible way to see one of the highlights of the country. 

  • Moon / Sun Valley Quadbiking Half Day - La Paz

    This half day ATV / quadbiking excursion (2-5 hours) will be an unforgettable riding experience through the stunning landscapes of the Moon and / or Sun Valley in southern La Paz. You will get to feel the thrill of four-wheeling, while experiencing the region’s natural beauty. You can start in the morning or in the afternoon.

  • Rock Climbing Half Day - La Paz

    We offer tours in La Paz to one of the best rock climbing areas: Aranjuez. Test your skill and endurance, both mental and physical and try your hand at rock climbing. There are more than 100 routes available, suitable for all levels that will make for a great day out. The rock climb will be with experienced guides who have done this hundreds of previous climbs and treat safety as a priority. Lots of fun!

  • Tiwanaku Pre-Inca Ruins Day Trip - La Paz

    Tiwanaku is one of the most important ancient civilizations in the world and more is being learnt about it every day. For anyone with an interest in the history of Andean cultures and archaeology it is a worth while day trip from La Paz. This archaeological site of is a little over 70 km west from the city of La Paz towards the border town of Desaguadero.

  • Chacaltaya & Valley Of The Moon La Paz

    Chacaltaya was the "highest commercial ski area" in the world although very little sking takes place nowadays and it is mainly visited to witness the stunning views of the Cordillera Real mountain range from Chacaltaya's 5300 meter peak. Chacaltaya is a good day trip from La Paz and possible for anyone who has acclimatised a little.

  • City Tour - La Paz Off The Beaten Track & Moon Valley

    A unique city tour on foot that will not only show you the usual parts of the city such as the the historic government and financial districts but also take you to parts other tours do not and mingle with the locals, walk in the colorful markets, visit the fast growing city of El Alto above La Paz and travel on the Teleferico (the new cable car system). This tour is an extended version of the Off the Beaten Track tour that takes in the Moon Valley and Southern Zone.

  • City Tour - La Paz Morning Walking Tour

    A perfect tour for those wishing to experience the city on foot but are short on time. We will take you to parts of the city such as the historic government and financial districts. Learn about the infamous San Pedro prison, experience the witches market walk in the colorful markets, travel on a local "chicken bus" and see the city from a 360-degree Killi-killi viewpoint above the city.

  • City Tour - La Paz Off The Beaten Track

    A unique city tour on foot that will not only show you the usual parts of the city such as the the historic government and financial districts but also take you to parts other tours do not and mingle with the locals, walk in the colorful markets, visit the fast growing city of El Alto above La Paz and travel on the Teleferico (the new cable car system).

  • Chacaltaya to Huayna Potosi 1-Day Trek

    This short but challenging trek follows a high altitude trail between two of Bolivia's most famous mountains - Huayna Potosi and Chacaltaya. All of this trek is above 4500 meters so it is essential to be well acclimatised to undertake this. This is a good option as altitude training if you are planning Huayna Potosi later on.

  • Tuni Condoriri - Pico Austria 1-Day Trek

    Stunning scenery with amazing snowcapped peaks, beautiful Andean lakes, good altitude training before climbing or simply an easy way to go on a fantastic short trek in the majestic Cordillera Mountain range. Highly recommended for everyone and perfect for those who are short on time but still want to experience the stunning views only Andes can offer.

  • Vertical Route Circuit

    The Vertical Route circuit in Bolivia is unique and a thrill for all - requires no previous experience or special skills. This activity is in the La Paz or Yungas areas and make for a great full day out. Your Vertical Route circuit will be with an experienced guide and treats safety as a priority. Lots of fun! Please be advised this activity is not for people who are very scared of heights.

  • Valley of the Souls & Palca Canyon Day Trip - La Paz

    Take this day trip and explore two natural attractions in southern La Paz, only a few km away from the city. This tour will take you first to the Valley of the Souls and its unique rocky landscapes filled with magic. Later you will explore and talk through the Palca Canyon, stretching out below the foot of majestic Illimani, the guardian mountain of La Paz. 

  • 1-Day Coffee Tour - Coroico

    Explore the sub-tropical Yungas valleys and get to taste different types of coffee by taking this one day trip from La Paz. The Coroico region is one of the main centres of coffee plantations in Bolivia and it's definitely worth a visit. Transfer from and back to La Paz is included in the price.

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