We offer a hotel booking service for a number of select hotels around Bolivia that we believe can offer the visitor something a little bit special.

We have tried to find places that offer a little more than just being a hotel but have a special touch. It might be a historical building or homely feel, super friendly service or unique décor but each of the options we offer comes recommended by us. So if you are the type of traveler who wants their accommodation to be a little bit special or a backpacker that simply fancies a little bit of extra luxury for a night or two then please take a look at our options and we hope you will find something to suit.

If you find a hotel that you think is special and think it should be included in our service please let us know and why you think so. If you are a hotel owner or manager and wish to work with us please send us your details, why you think you offer something unique and we will be happy to take a look at your hotel.

Bolivia Hotel Booking

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  • Sky Hacienda - Sucre

    Sky Hacienda is a luxury boutique hotel located in the Bolivian Andes close to Sucre. Friendly hosts, delicious food and stunning mountain views and two individually designed rooms can guarantee you an exclusive and relaxing stay. 

  • Hostal El Curichal - Rurrenabaque

    Hostal El Curichal - New Generation Hostel is a popular hostel located in on the main avenue in Rurrenabaque. It is the ideal place to spend your night before or after your Amazon tour - you can decide to relax by the pool or on one of the many hammocks available for guests. Breakfast is included in the price. 

  • Hotel La Petite Porte - Uyuni

    Hotel La Petite Porte in Uyuni is a French-run establishment that offers great service and beautifully styled rooms. Located in a renovated old house in Uyuni it still maintains the original walls and patio features. The owners have put a lot of effort in to create a relaxed ambiance and install a number of unique touches.

  • Hotel Tambo Aymara - Uyuni

    Hotel Tambo Aymara is a tastefully decorated hotel located in Uyuni town itself and is a great place to spend a night in Uyuni. Located in an old style building and decorated with warm earthy colors, each room is named after an Aymara tribe.

  • Hotel Oriental - Rurrenabaque

    Hotel Oriental is located at the main Plaza of Rurrenabaque. This is a good budget level option that is clean and pleasant.  Private, double, twin, triple and quad rooms are available. This hotel is popular with tour groups and is often used by the better tour opertaors in Rurrenabaque for their tour packages that include hotel night in the town. For this reason it is advisable to book this hotel in advance.

  • La Senda Verde Animal Refuge and Eco-Lodge - Yolosa (Coroico)

    Located in the village of Yolosa, in the Yungas valleys, La Senda Verde Animal Refuge and Eco-lodge offers a unique experience for you. This is the ideal place to spend a few days relaxing and reenergizing with the sounds of Bolivian nature before continuing onto your next destination. Take in plenty of fresh air while spending some time in contact with untouched nature and wildlife. The best way to make your way to the refuge is by taking a Death Road trip.

  • Carolina Mountain Hotel (Berg Hotel) - Cochabamba

    Carolina Berg Hotel is a wonderful mountain lodge getaway. Set on the mountainside amongst a eucalyptus forest in the Tunari National Park an hour outside of Cochabamba near the rural community of Combuyo it offers unparalleled views of the city of Cochabamba and makes for the perfect relaxing getaway.

  • Hotel Las Olas - Copacabana

    Hotel Las Olas in Copacabana is located on a hillside with fantastic views of Lake Titicaca and Copacabana Village. The buildings have been purpose built and all suites have been individually designed by artists and offer great views through the ample wndows. The grounds are well kept and there are numerous hammocks and desk chairs for guests use.

  • Hotel Rosario - La Paz

    Hotel Rosario is a centrally located option that is popular with tour groups and independent travellers a like. The hotel is tastefully decorated using many traditional influences and well maintained. We recommend this option for its clean and comfy rooms, good service and for being one of the most ecological options available.

  • Cayara Hotel Museum - Potosi

    The Hotel Museum Cayara is located 30 mins by car away from Potosí and still preserves the historical structure of old colonial haciendas - ideal for those who want to travel back in time for a day or two.

  • Mi Pueblo Samary Boutique Hotel - Sucre

    Hotel Samary used to be an old colonial mansion and still preserves its fascinating structure. Here you can experience the best traditional dishes in a colonial environment, as well as enjoy the stunning views over the city and the mountains from the wide terraces of one of the best restaurants of the city.

  • Stannum Boutique Hotel - La Paz

    Located on the 12th floor of the Multicine Tower, the Stannum Boutique Hotel offers stunning views over the city of La Paz and an easy access to all kind of entertainments - such as gym, cinema, game rooms and bank.

  • El Pueblito Resort - Samaipata

    El Pueblito Resort is located in Samaipata (Santa Cruz region), the town where the marvellous Fort is. It is a 4-star-boutique hotel which preserves its old colonial structure and offers spectacular views over the Valley of Samaipata. There are standard rooms but also casitas, i. e. little cozy houses with sofa and a small kitchenette where you can peacefully prepare your own food.

  • La Estancia Ecolodge - Isla del Sol

    Located in the southern part of the Sun Island, La Estancia Ecolodge is a sustainable accommodation ideal for those who want to spend the night in a typical Andean environment - from the architecture to the staff. 15 cottages available with no negative impact on the natural heritage of the island.

  • El Consulado Hotel Boutique - La Paz

    Hotel el Consulado used to be the Consulate of Panama and still keeps the fascinating atmosphere of ancient buildings - dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. Award-winning restaurants and wonderful gardens help make this one of the best places to stay in La Paz.

  • Hotel Aranjuez - Cochabamba

    The Aranjuez Hotel is the ideal option for those who want all kind of comforts in a traditional colonial environment. This hotel has been completely renovated but maintains the suggestive structure of the old haciendas - it is considered one of the most beautiful hotels of the entire country.

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