Situated on the shores of Lake Titicaca, Copacabana is a picturesque little town which is the starting point for tours to Island of the Sun.

It is also a popular stop on the route between La Paz and Puno/Cusco. Visiting and crossing the world's highest navigable lake is a surreal experience that you shouldn't miss.

You can catch boats to the Isla de Sol by simply going down to the lake side (its a very small place - just walk down the main highstreet downhill and you wil see) and there are boats leaving from there.

Whilst you can get a return ticket for slightly cheaper it is often best just to get a one way as it can be hard to find the same boat for the return journey sometimes or just because it gives you more flexability so you can just get the next one leaving to come back.

We offer a two-day tour to Copacabana and the Sun Island or self-guided one-day tours as part of a hop on/hop off experience between Bolivia and Peru. If you are only interested in transport to and from Copacabana without a tour, then you can find all the options we offer in our Transport section. 

Lake Titicaca is famous for its "trucha" (trout) and you will find many places serving up the local fish specialities where you will be able to try it.

Copacabana & Lake Titicaca

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  • Copacabana & Sun Island 2-Day (from La Paz)

    2 day tour of Copacabana and Sun Island (Isla del Sol) from La Paz. Includes one night hotel on Sun Island (Isla del Sol) and guided tour of Copacabana / Sun Island. This tour leaves daily and is run all year round. You can decide to end your tour with a transfer back to La Paz or with a transfer to Puno on the second day.

  • Copacabana & Sun Island Day Trip (from La Paz)

    Take this 1 day tour to Copacabana and explore the southern part of the famous Sun Island the famous "Birth place of the Incas". Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and the entire area is steeped in history, culture and is incredibly beautiful.Here you can learn about the story of the Incas and also see a different more rural side of Bolivian life outsde of the cities. Perfect option for  a day tour out of La Paz or those short on time wanting to visit this popular area. Daily departures. 

  • Copacabana & Sun Island 2-Day Tour (from Copacabana)

    2-day tour of Copacabana and Sun Island (Isla del Sol) departing daily from Copacabana. Includes one night hotel on Sun Island (Isla del Sol) and guided tour of stunning Isla del Sol. You can decide to end your tour back in Copacabana or with a transfer to La Paz or to Puno on the second day.