Tarija is located in the south of Bolivia, not far from the Argentinian border. Renowned for being the wine producing center of the country, the Tarija region is home to some of the best wineries in South America and offers a spectacular landscape filled with gentle hills and extended vineyards.
Grapes are cultivated and processed following traditional techniques and with only little help of modern machines. Tarija is a charming and relaxing place that we believe should not be skipped. We have decided to offer wine tours in order to give you the possibility to enjoy your stay in the best way possible and learning as much as you can about the history of this region.

Due to the altitude and climate where grapes are grown, wines produced in Tarija have unique properties that you cannot find anywhere else and some of the wines from the area have won international awards in recent years.


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  • San Lorenzo & Countryside Half Day - Tarija

    Take this half day tour and explore the charming landscapes and villages located in the Tarija region. You will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful nature, learn about local customs and try some typical food of the area. This is a relaxing tour that leaves twice a day from Monday to Sunday. A perfect option that is suitable for all kind of travelers. 

  • City Tour - Tarija

    Take this city tour and explore the city of Tarija with the help of a knowledgeable guide. This half day tour includes the visit to the famous Casa Dorada as well as to two of the most important museums of the city. Pickup from your accommodation is included. Two departures per day except for Saturday afternoon and Sundays.