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Potosí is located in south-eastern Bolivia at a height of 4090 m above sea level. It is considered as the highest city in the world and is a unique destination with a unique story. Due to its favorable location at the foot of the Cerro Rico (''rich mountain''), during the period of the New Spanish Empire Potosí was supplying an incredible quantity of silver and other minerals to the Spanish Crown, and was location of the Spanish national mint for a long time.

Nowadays, the Cerro Rico has lost its original shape and Potosí is one of the poorest cities in Bolivia. Mining is still the main activity although working conditions are extremely harsh and the climate is very rigid. Tourism in the area is still growing and has great potential of becoming a consistent alternative source of income for Potosí.

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  1. Mine Tour Half Day - Potosi

    Mine Tour Half Day - Potosi


    This half day tour to the mines in Potosí gives you the unique opportunity to witness the miners' way of living in the world's highest city. The Cerro Rico (''rich mountain'') of Potosí was famous for providing large quantities of silver and other precious minerals for Spain during colonial times. Due to this strong exploitation and harsh climate Potosí is now one of the poorest cities of Bolivia and by taking this tour you are supporting the local economy.

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