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The Flag of Bolivia 

Bolivia Flag


Bolivia (Official name Plurinational State of Bolivia)

Population - 10.67 million (2013 census)

Capital -  Sucre is the official capital (judicial) ,  La Paz is the 'de facto' capital  (executive and legislative & seat of government)

Departments –  La Paz, Beni, Oruro, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Potosi, Chuquisaca, Tarija, Pando.

Languages - Spanish is used as the predominent language, especially for government and business, but Bolivia has a large number of official languages delared in its constitution. In additiuons to Spanish these are :  aymara, araona, baure, bésiro, canichana, cavineño, cayubaba, chácobo, chimán, ese ejja, guaraní, guarasu'we, guarayu, itonama, leco, machajuyai-kallawaya, machineri, maropa, mojeño-trinitario, mojeño-ignaciano, moré, mosetén, movima, pacawara, puquina, quechua, sirionó, tacana, tapieté, toromona, uru-chipaya, weenhayek, yawanawa, yuki, yuracaré y zamuco.

Currency - Boliviano (BOB)  (US Dollars widely accepted also)  You can see current mid-market exchange rates HERE

Timezone -  UTC /GMT - 4  and does not observe daylight saving time. See the current time and more detailed info HERE