Bus Ticketing Service

We are an official ticketing agent for the buses we offer and we do not operate these services ourselves. The service we offer is just for booking the seat and issuing you with the ticket. Our descriptions of what is included are based on the information provided by the operator and should they change that without informing us we are not responsible.

We are not responsible for any of the included services malfunctioning or not being available (for whatever reason) on the day of your trip and no refunds can (or will) be given for such issues. We providing a ticketing service only and any complaints about the service on the day need to be directed to the bus company.

The following are examples of things that are beyond our control and we are not responsible for:

  • - Heating not turned on or turned on too high and/or the temperture inside the bus is not to your liking
  • - Toilets not working, being locked or being smelly
  • - Movies not being shown or showing spanish language movies (on most non tourist bus services in South America movies will be in spanish) or TVs not working. Also for movies being shown and are too loud when you want to sleep
  • - Your belongings - these are completely your own responsibility and you should take what precautions you seem fit
  • - Your fellow passengers being annoying, having babies that cry or any behaviour of the other passengers
  • - Delayed departure times for whatever reason
  • - Change of departure times for whatever reason
  • - Cancellation of services for whatever reason 

The following are examples of things we ARE responsble for : 

  • - Reserving your seat on the bus. Depending on the service this could mean an assigned seat number which will be indicated on your ticket or just a space (no seat assigned) and you choose from available seats upon boarding. If there is an issue with your seat reservation contact us and we will try to resolve this for you.
  • - Sending you the ticket and instructions of where to go and what time.
  • - Informing you (whenever possible*) of change of departure times - you should check your email and your hotel reception the night before (for early morning buses) or a few hours before for day time/ night time departures for messages we might of left. We cannot be responsible if we leave a message for you and your hotel reception does not pass it on (this is why we say check your email as well as some can be unreliable). We are also cannot be responsible if changes are last minute by the operator and/or we are not informed by them of any delays. 


In South America there are several different standards of bus seat and also different naming conventions. We use the naming convention provided by the bus operator. We can not be responsible for you mis-understanding what a certain bus type is  but we provide some basic guidelines here to help you understand.

  • - CAMA - "cama" is the spanish word for "bed" but this DOES NOT mean that the seats recline as flat as a bed (or that you get pillows). The amount a cama bus reclines can differ from country to country and also from company to company but you can expect around 150 to 170 degrees of reclination. You will not get 180 degree on a standard cama bed
  • - SEMI CAMA - For semi cama buses you should expect the seats to recline about half way but some can be slightly less
  • - STANDARD / NORMAL - would be non reclining or very slightly reclining

In some countries there are some services called "Executive Cama" or "Suite Cama" which will offer the highest quality with Cama seats (likely to around 170 degrees reclining) with some extra features such as more space between seats and sometimes personal video screens for example. There are no executive or suite cama services in Bolivia and the highest level is Cama 3 FIlas (which means with three rows of seats only and not 4 like on standard buses) and this is not available on all routes.


Where we use the phrase "TOURIST BUS" we are referring to a service that is aimed at tourists and might have services like hotel pickup and/or english speaking attendent included (what is included and not included is indicated on the product page). Where we use the phrase "LOCAL BUS" we are referring to a service that is not specifically aimed at tourists (although tourists still use them). So this will not include hotel pickups or an english speaking guide. It does not refer to the quality of the bus , just the target market and type of operator.

And a final note...

We have had a few instances of people complaining that there were "locals" on their "tourist bus" service - to clarify, ourselves and the operators do not stop locals from purchasing tickets on tourist bus services as this would be both illegal and racist. Nationals of all the countries we work in have as much right to be a tourist and use tourist bus services (or use them for whatever reason they have) as every other nationality. We do not accept complaints of this nature.