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The La Paz to Uyuni to La Paz flight is the most comfortable way to get to Uyuni and back. Each way takes around 60 minutes and this means you can avoid the 10 to 12 hour overnight bus journey. These flights are now scheduled to go everyday from La Paz International airport and back. This flight is operated by Amaszonas Airlines.


The La Paz to Uyuni to La Paz flight is the most comfortable way to get to Uyuni and back. Each way takes around 60 minutes and this means you can avoid the 10 to 12 hour overnight bus journey. These flights are now scheduled to go everyday from La Paz International airport and back. This flight is operated by Amaszonas Airlines. Flights to Uyuni can be booked up 10 days or more in advance - plan ahead to avoid disappointment! During this period, flight times can change at short notice.

Flight schedules change from day to day but as a general guide there are usually 4 flights per day mondays to fridays and 2 or 3 on weekends. Exact times are always changing throughout the year and without any notice so we are unable to put the schedules on the site with any accuracy. Typical times though are:

La Paz to Uyuni - First flight around 6.00/6.30, second flight around 8.30am. The third/fourth and other flights vary with various possible times such as 12.00,12.50, 13.00, 13.25, 14.00, 14.30 up until 18.30 at the latest.

Uyuni to La Paz - First flight around 7.15/7.30, second flight around 9.45am. The third/fourth and other flights vary greatly with various possible times such as 13.00, 13.30, 14.00, 14.40, 16.25 up until 18.45 currently at the latest.

When booking we ask you to request a particular time range and you should put in an approximate preferred time in the notes section so we can book the closest best time for you. Of course you can also just ask us for the schedules for your particular dates and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please also note that whilst the flights are scheduled daily the airline can change this at short notice, we do our best to inform customers as soon as any changes are made.

Included / Not Included

  • Flight from La Paz to Uyuni
  • Flight from Uyuni to La Paz
  • National airport tax at La Paz Airport

  • Transfer to or from airports
  • Lunch, food and beverages

Important Information

Classes, pricing and booking - Amaszonas sell seats on its flights as a number different classes (from cheapest to most expensive): X - Q - O - K - E - H - V - B.
All of these classes are exactly the same, no difference in quality of service, seats etc. whatsoever. They do this because regulations require them to sell in different classes. In general the cheaper classes are what sells first and then the most expensive B class sells last (for obvious reasons).
We offer you the option of paying for any class when you book. This is because we can only book the flight for you if we have received a full payment. So if you only pay for a cheap class and there are only seats in a more expensive class available for your chosen date we cannot book the flight for you and we will have to contact you to let you know and request additional payments. This can obviously cause a delay and might mean the flight fills up before we get everything sorted with you. For this reason we give you the chance to pay for the most expensive B class from the start. If any cheaper class is available we will book that one and refund you the difference, if just the more expensive B class is available then you have paid enough for that as we can book that for you without contacting you for more money.
It’s a bit stupid we know, but it’s the way it is and we think this is the best solution. You can also speak to us via our live chat system to check what is available before booking (this is the ideal way if your booking during our office hours) or you can send us a message through our support system to check. If your booking quite far in advance (say more than 3 or 4 weeks in advance) then it is likely that the cheaper classes are available.
Please note that for refunds if you pay with credit card it can take several days (usually 3 to 7) for you to receive the refund to your card. This depends on your card issuer/bank and is beyong our control. For Paypal payments you receive refunds instantly to your Paypal account.
Can you pick us up from the airport? We can arrange this but it will be at an additional cost and simply means the tour operator will send a taxi to pick you up (at a more expensive rate than a taxi would charge). It is easier and cheaper to take a taxi from the airport (they will be waiting for the flights to arrive) - basically we don't recommend pre-arranging it.
Can I fly and start the tour the same day? If you take the first flight around 6.30 am and it arrives without delays then you can start your tour the same day. Second flights at around 8.30 am are also possible of course but there is less room for delays with that option. Whilst the flight schedule should be adequate for arriving in Uyuni and starting a tour the same day we (us or the airline) cannot be responsible for any problems that arise should the flight be delayed and you miss the start of a tour. Any other flight time means you must fly the day before your tour starts.
Can I fly back on the last flight on the last day of my tour? Yes it is possible as long as there is an evening flight scheduled. Usually there is a flight at 18.45 and tours finish around 16.30 / 17.00 so there is time to get this flight. On weekends though sometimes there is not late flight scheduled. Please note that while there is no problem for 3 day tours, 1 day tours can finish later so it's not recommended to fly out the same day after a 1 day tour.
Can you drop us off at the airport at the end of the tour? For this you would need to speak to your driver direct - you might be able to arrange for him to take you, he might charge you for doing so, he might not - depends on the individual driver. He might not want to provide the service. Either way, the operator can arrange a taxi for you though and it costs about 20/30bs and takes about 20 minutes - this is the easiest way.
International connections - If landing in La Paz the same day you want to take this flight (for the La Paz - Uyuni section), please make sure you don't take it too tight and leave enough time between the two flights. This is strongly recommended due to the fact that Amaszonas flight times can change with short notice and flights are not always delayed - instead, they are often pushed forward to an earlier time. In order to avoid disappointments (i. e. your flight leaves earlier than expected and you miss it), it is recommended to leave a few hours between the time your international flight lands and the moment this flight leaves (for the La Paz - Uyuni section). Of course this doesn't happen all the time but it's a possibility we have to warn you about. We cannot be responsible for problems that arise due to this.

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