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  • San Pedro's Cave

    Sorata is a most The lagoon inside San Pedro's cavepopular destination for Bolivians who want to escape the chaos of La Paz for a couple of days - a typical weekend getaway. It is located at some 3/4 hours from La Paz in a paradisaical valley at the foot of the Illampu-Ankhoma massif, therefore being a must-go for all climbers interested in attempting to reach the peak of these sacred mountains. The main attraction close by to Sorata (aside from the trekking and climbing) is San Pedro's cave ("la Gruta de San Pedro"), a place that, just like many other places in Bolivia, is surrounded by mystery and incredible stories. Continue reading

  • Bolivian Wine

    With its neighbors Argentina and Chile taking all the wine related head lines the Bolivia Wine industry has always been left in the shadows and is little know throughout the world but those visiting Bolivia that sample its high altitude wines are pleasantly surprised by the options of offer.

    Bolivian wines are mostly produced in the Southern part of the country in Tarja region and surrounding areas, most famously in the Valley of Concepcion located about 1 hours drive from the city. This means the vineyards that grow the grapes for production are amongst the highest in the world at an altitude of around 2000 meters Continue reading

  • Vinapho - Pho in La Paz - Vietnamese Food

    It was a pleasant surprise to find a pho restaurant in the high altitude of La Paz. For those who love Asian food, especially Pho, Vinapho is the place to go. Though they offer Thai dishes as well, pho is definitely the highlight.

    The restaurant itself is located in one of the nicest neighborhoods of La Paz-- Sopocachi, with very good atmosphere, and excellent service.  Continue reading

  • Jawitas - the best cheese pastry you will ever try

    The town of Chulumani ,capital of the South Yungas region of Bolivia has long served up a famous type of cheese pastie in a small bakery on the plaza. Those that visited the town would always sample the snack and often take a quantity away with them for family or friends in La Paz (although nothing beats eating them fresh). Similar to the commonly available "Llachua" pasties that you can buy  all over La Paz from small cafes, street sellers and other outlets and even in other parts of the country these are a class above. Jawitas are without a doubt the best cheese pasties you will ever try. Whilst Chulumani is famous for its Jawitas they are considered to be from the Yungas area in general Continue reading

  • Catching Taxis in La Paz

    Public transport in La Paz is definitely not like what you might be used to, no matter where you come from. It is not as bad as it might look like though, in spite of the lack of set times and schedule - but still, it is not easy to understand and most of the tourists would rather pay a bit more for a taxi ride rather than boarding a minibus and  risk getting lost in some unknown dark part of the city. That is perfectly understandable and will definitely save you a lot of time.

    Still, there are a couple of tips you should know in order to avoid disappointment.

    Continue reading

  • Peruvian Hairless Dogs- An Ancient Breed

    At first glance someone encountering a Peruvian hairless dog might think it has some kind of skin disease. Apart from sometimes having just a few tufts of hair poking from the top of its head this native Peruvian animal is completely hairless - obviously this is were its uninventive but descriptive name comes from. Its a strange sight to see its wrinkly grey skin mottled with pink spotted areas.

    The dogs have been around since pre-inca times Continue reading

  • llajua - the everpresent bolivian spicey sauce

    Anyone that has been to Bolivia and eaten in a restaurant / cafe or two will no doubt have been served with the meal from time to time a small bowl spicy tomato based sauce. Some love this immediately others will find it more of an acquired taste.

    This sauce is called "llajua" (sometimes spelt differently with  "llajwa" also being a common form)  and pronounced "yak-hwah". It is a simple sauce made from tomatoes, locoto chilli peppers and often has either kilkiña or wakataya herbs added to it which are locally grown herbs that offer a unique taste. Continue reading

  • Red Monkey - Vegetarian Gourmet Food

    Whilst there are plenty of decent veggie options in La Paz, more than you would expect given there doesn't seem to be that many vegetarians, many are places that offer a cheap veggie "almuerzo" lunch  or a cafe like atmosphere and that is fine as that is what you need most of the time but every now and again veggies and vegans would like to be able to go our and treat ourselves to some "fine dining" Continue reading

  • Good Coffee in La Paz

    For a continent so well known for its coffee producing it is surprising how often we are asked where it is possible to buy a good coffee in La Paz as travelers are surprised how hard it can be to find a quality brew during their travels. For many years there wasn't a top quality option and most backpackers would end up at a branch of Alexander Coffee which has passable options but wouldn't pass any real coffee lovers test of standards. Continue reading

  • "Dia del Peaton" - Pedestrian Day in La Paz

    pedestrian-day-lapaz Dia del Peaton - Pedestrian Day , La Paz

    This Sunday September 7th is "dia del peaton" in La Paz which translates to Pedestrian Day. Once a year the chaotic streets of La Paz are forceably made peaceful by banning all motorized vehicles from its streets for a about an 18 hour period with walking, running and cycling the only permitted form of transport (except for a handful of taxis licensed to take people to the airport or get essential services workers to/from work).  This is strictly enforced by the transport police (the use their own vehicles to get around though of course) and very few people attempt to break the ban. Continue reading

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