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3 Day Pampas Tour with Indigena Tours perfect for the budget backpacker at the best price available. Join one of the tours leaving daily and get to see lots of wildlife such as Pink River Dolphins, caiman, anaconda, monkeys and more.

Indigena Tours are the only Green Action Eco Certified budget pampas tours operator in Rurrenabaque.


3 Day Pampas Tour perfect for the  budget backpacker. Extremely popular tour leaving daily with lots of wildlife that is easily spotted. Much of this tour is spent exploring the open wetlands in a motor canoe making for a relaxing yet adventurous experience. Bolivia is the cheapest place in South America to go on this type of tour.

Indigena Tours are the only budget operator in Rurrenbaque with the Green Action Eco Certification

You can save 40usd$ by booking this tour and flights with us with our incredible discounted bundle - much cheaper than booking direct with Amaszonas and Indigena!

See full details 3 Day Pampas Indigena & Flights La Paz - Rurre - La Paz

DAY 1 – Getting there is half the fun!
  • 8.00 The group arrives at the meeting point. Loads the 4x4 vehicle ready.
  • 8.30 Leave Rurre for Santa Rosa de Yacuma to meet the boat. 3 Hrs approx
  • 12.30 -14.00 Lunch. Leave on the motor canoe to travel to the lodge. The journey is 3 or 4 hours and along the way your guide will point out many animals and birds for you to see. This is part of the tour and not just traveling – you will most likely see pink river dolphins, monkeys, turtles, caiman and many birds.
  • 17.30 -18.00 Arrive at the lodge and be given refreshments. Afterwards the group decides where they want to go to watch sunset. The “sunset bar” is a popular choice and provides great views. Return to camp for the evening meal after which a night boat trip is optional for spotting nocturnal animals such as caimans and alligators.
DAY 2 – Snakes and Swimming with Dolphins
  • 7.30 to 8.00 Breakfast in the lodge
  • 8.00 to 8.30am – Set off on a walk to the pampas to search small lagoons and wetlands for wildlife including anacondas and other snakes, There is some interesting plant life in the area and classic pampas views
  • 12.30 to 1.00pm Lunch back at the lodge
  • 13.30 approx -  After lunch set off in the motor canoes looking for pink river dolphins (almost guaranteed!). The dolphins are very social and if you wish you can swim in this area and get up close with them. Return to camp for an afternoon siesta.
  • 19.30 - 20.30 Evening meal is served (plenty of food!)
  • 20.30-22.30 The rest of the evening is free time - maybe your guide will take you to the sunset bar again if your group wishes to go (not included so a tip would be nice!)
DAY 3 – Piranha fishing
  • 7.30 to 8.00  - Breakfast in the lodge
  • 8.00 to 8.30 - Back onto the canoes again and a visit to small islands with forested areas to learn about the tropical forest. Some time is then spent fishing for piranha with chunks of meat. If you catch any you can have these cooked up with your lunch to try!
  • 11.30 to12.30 - Lunch back at the lodge – maybe with fried piranha!
  • 1.00 to 1.30 - Back on the boat for the return trip to Santa Rosa de Yacuma to meet with your jeep for the trip back to Rurrenabaque maybe spotting some more animals.
  • 16.00 approx - Arrive back to Rurrenabaque 



  • Transportation in jeep and motor canoe
  • Guide - English / Spanish speaking (level of english can vary with guide)
  • Cook and meals , bottle of water for the pampas walk
  • Accommodation in lodges - mosquito nets, beds with basic mattress, sheet/cover
  • Rubber boots (wellies) for walk in pampas marsh land area



  • Santa Rosa Municipal Park entrance fee - 150bs
  • Travel Insurance - recommended 
  • Water / extra beverages
  • Breakfast on first day, dinner on last day
  • Sunglasses & Sun cream 
  • Insect Repellent 
  • Others not mentioned

  • This tour starts in Rurrenabaque and does not include the cost of transport for getting there. We can arrange flights for getting to Rurrenabaque. We cannot be responsible if you book a tour and then you cannot find a transport to Rurrenabaque on time - please make sure you know how to get to Rurrenabaque before booking this tour (you can also book flights through us together with the tour and we will confirm the tour only if flights are available too). For this tour, it is recommended to fly to Rurre the day before the tour and you can fly back on the last day of the tour. The nights before the tour is not included - we can also arrange it, please see our Rurrenabaque Hotels section.
  • Groups are usually from 6 to 12 people in size and there will also be other groups in the lodges.
  • Malaria is extremely rare in the pampas and jungle near Rurrenabaque and there has not been any cases contracted locally for many years. That said, there are plenty of mosquitos in the area so it is considered a possibility. Other insect bourne diseases such as yellow fever and dengue are in the area so a good insect repellent and long sleeve shirt plus long trousers are essential.
  • This tour does not leave on December 31st and January 1st. Please don't book for this dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through these common questions & answers - if you cant find what you want to know send us your questions using the Ask a Question button

How does rainy season affect the Pampas & Jungle Tours & Rurrenabaque Flights?

You will read various reports about how rainy season affects Bolivia and traveling there - many of these will contradict each other simply because Bolivia is a large country, with different conditions throughout and also people experiences with weather will vary from place to place and also from year to year. In general (although there are various opinions on this) rainy season is considered to be from Oct/Nov through to Mar/April. Rain can occur outside these months of course especially in lowland and jungle areas but the rainfall is definitely more during these months. Usually up until December there is not too much and we tend to get periods of a few days when it rains and periods of a few days when it does not. From Jan onwards until Mar/Apr there is more frequent and heavier rain and this can cause some problems  but it is still perfectly possible to visit Bolivia during this time as long as you take some possible delays into account (which you should do any time of year anyway due to the chance of protests and roadblocks!). 

Pampas and Jungle Tours - These tours run year round and in general rain does not stop tours from going. The exception is when there has been very heavy sustained rainfall and the Rurrenabaque area becomes flooded (the pampas, the jungle floor, the local roads and even the town itself). This is not common but has happened some years and you just have to check local news prior to departure times or ask us for latest info.
Rurrenabaque Flights
The main issued caused by rainy season for Rurrenabque is delays to the flights between La Paz - Rurre and Rurre - La Paz which can regularly be delayed due to weather. We advise flying the day before your tour and flying back early am the day after you tour in order to give yourself some time for delays. Also if you have something you have to be back for such as an international flight we recommended having one more buffer day before to make sure. Delays of a whole day are possible. The way it works when there are delays is that your flight reservation can be looked at like a number in a queue, so if there was a flight or flights scheduled earlier than yours delayed then the passengers booked on those flights are first "in the queue" to get the next avaialble flight out. This is why we recommend not relying on getting the first early morning flight to start a tour or the last flight of the day to return to La Paz as during rainy season you are often bumped forward due to delays on previous flights.
Most people fly to Rurrenabaque but there is also a bus service that takes about 18 hours in dry season. In rainy season this journey time can rise to as much as 40 hours as the road is washed away, blocked with landslides and becomes a river of mud. We strongly recommend against trying to take this bus in rainy season (we don't really recommend it in dry season!).
How often are the Rurrenabaque flights cancelled?
We can't say how often exactly because this is mostly dependent on weather conditions but we can say that cancellations happen more often in the rainy season than in dry season, in particular from January to April but they can happen at any time of the year. All you can do is check the weather forecasts, ask us what the recent situation has been like and be flexible.
We advise that you always try to book the earlier flights though as this gives you the best chance of getting on a flight that day. Whenever the first flight is cancelled then the people booked on that flight will be first in the queue to get the next flight that goes out (and all the following flights will after) so if you are on the later flights they can be pushed over until the next day. This is just an example and of course everything depends on the conditions clearing up meaning flights can safely leave.
The airline informs us of cancellations usually the day before the flight - we will let you know as soon as we get the information. This is why we strongly recommend you check your e-mails the day before your flight (or even the same morning if having a late flight) so that you can check if there have been any changes. We inform you of any changes via e-mail and you must also be aware that changes can be last minute and too late for us to inform you before leaving for the airport sometimes.
Do you pick me up at the airport for flights to Rurrenabaque?
Depending on the individual tour this might be included with the tour or a chargeable extra. Please ask at the time of booking with us or check the tour description in the Included/Not Included  or product FAQ section. For example if you book a tour at the MashaquipeChalalan or Madidi Jungle Ecolodges, then yes a pickup will be arranged for no extra price (whenever you arrive, even if it's the day before). Also, these companies will provide a transfer back to the airport at the end of the tour. Other operators such as Indigena Tours or Bala Tours can provide a transfer to/from the airport only if you book a private tour or by special arrangement.
If you do not have a pickup arranged it is easy to get from the airport to Rurrenabaque as there is always transport waiting to meet the flights arriving. Sometimes there is an Amaszonas bus and sometimes just local taxis. The fare should cost around 15 to 20 Bs and the journey is about 20 minutes.
Is there malaria in Rurrenabaque and in the areas where pampas and jungle tours take place?
Whilst it is feasible that malaria could exist in Rurrenabaque, the pampas and the jungle areas nearby because there are plenty of mosquitoes, there have not been any reported instances of malaria. We do not consider it necessary to take malaria tablets for our tours but if you wish to do so then you should bring them with you as you might not be able to get the brand/type you want in Bolivia. There is the possibility of Dengue fever and yellow fever also, so you must protect yourself from insect bites as much as possible. You should bring a good insect repellent with you as there are not many good options available to purchase in Bolivia.

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