Bolivia is a fantastic trekking & climbing country with classic treks such as El Choro, Takesi and Tuni Condoriri plus some stunning climbs including the extremely popular Huayna Potosi which although at an altitude of 6080 meters, which is higher than many experienced alpinists have ever climbed, is completely suitable for the beginner climber to try out mountaineering for the first time.

We have regular groups leaving for all the popular treks and climbs plus also offer some of the more specialist tours like Illimani & Sajama. Most equipment is included (like specialist items like climbing boots, crampons, ice axes, ropes, harness, mountain jackets, tents, cooking equipments etc) or if not can be rented (like sleeping bags if you don't have one) making Bolivia one of the cheapest countries in the world to try out treks & climbs and explore the great outdoors.

Climbing & Trekking

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  • Huayna Potosi 3-Day Climb

    Huayna Potosi is a beginner level mountain climb over a 3 day period including basic training, equipment and a rare chance to get over 6000 meters without being an experienced climber. Highly recommended. This is one of the most popular climbs in South America.

  • Tuni Condoriri - Pico Austria 1-Day Trek

    Stunning scenery with amazing snowcapped peaks, beautiful Andean lakes, good altitude training before climbing or simply an easy way to go on a fantastic short trek in the majestic Cordillera Mountain range. Highly recommended for everyone and perfect for those who are short on time but still want to experience the stunning views only Andes can offer.

  • Takesi Classic 2 or 3-Day Inca Trek

    This is our budget Takesi Trek option. The Takesi trek is a popular trek from La Paz with some of the best Inca paving in the Andes. Mostly downhill it passes through cloud forest to semi-tropical rainforest. It is available to trek in 2 or 3 days and an English-speaking guide can be available upon request.

  • El Choro - Classic 3-Day Inca Trek

    The El Choro trek is the most popular trek with tourists due to its easy accessibility from La Paz, stunning views and varied scenery. Ranging from chilly Andean mountains, down through cloud forest to semi-tropical rainforest it offers a range of conditions to deal with but is also a fantastic introduction to the varied environments of Bolivia and the different conditions you can encounter trekking here.

  • Chacaltaya to Huayna Potosi 1-Day Trek

    This short but challenging trek follows a high altitude trail between two of Bolivia's most famous mountains - Huayna Potosi and Chacaltaya. All of this trek is above 4500 meters so it is essential to be well acclimatised to undertake this. This is a good option as altitude training if you are planning Huayna Potosi later on.

  • Illimani 4-Day Climb

    Illimani is the mountain that overlooks La Paz and is considered the guardian mountain of the city. It is the second highest peak in Bolivia standing at 6438 meters (21,122 ft) and the highest in the Cordillera Real. This is a challenging climb and while not very technical some experience is required. This climb is run only during the dry season. 

  • Sajama 4-Day Climb

    This 4 day climb of Mount Sajama is a chance to climb the highest mountain in Bolivia at an altitude of 6549 meters. This is not a technical climb and can be attempted by well acclimatised beginners.

  • Pequeño Alpamayo (Condoriri Massif) 3-Day Climb

    Pequeño Alpamayo is a 5370 meter (17618 feet) mountain that is part of the Condoriri Massif. Not very technical this is a good option to climb before attempting larger peaks or purely for the incredible views it provides. This is Andean mountain scenery at its best and one reason this is the second most climbed peak in Bolivia.

  • Cerro Tunari 1-Day Trek - Cochabamba

    Climb to the top of Cerro Tunari and experience incredible views of the Cochabamba valley below and mas far as Illimani mountain in the distance. Pass near ancient traditional communities, spot the majestic condor in the wild, see herds of llamas and if we are lucky some wild vicuñas. Glistening mountain lakes, mysterious fossil formations and Quenua forests (world's highest trees) all make for a fantastic mountain adventure out of the city in just one day.