Bolivia is a country that is rich in culture and traditions. A number of ancient Inca and pre-Inca sites are located around the country with the most visited being the site of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) located just 1.5 hours from La Paz.

There are countless examples of Spanish colonial architecture and many interesting museums around the country. Its many festivals are colorful affairs with elaborate costumes and traditional dances and its people are a fascinating mixture of indigenous tribes and descendants of Spanish and other European countries.

From the lowland Amazon regions to the highland Andean plains the visitor to Bolivia will witness a variety of languages, traditions and cultural differences.


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  • Oruro Carnival 2018 Day Trip

    The Oruro Carnival 2018 of Bolivia is the biggest cultural event of the year and possibly the largest of all the Andean festivals. It is a fascinating display of colorful costumes and traditional Bolivian dances that is attended by tens of thousands of people from around the world. This is a day trip that starts from and returns to La Paz.

  • Copacabana & Sun Island 2-Day Tour (from Copacabana)

    2-day tour of Copacabana and Sun Island (Isla del Sol) departing daily from Copacabana. Includes one night hotel on Sun Island (Isla del Sol) and guided tour of stunning Isla del Sol. You can decide to end your tour back in Copacabana or with a transfer to La Paz or to Puno on the second day.

  • Cholitas Wrestling Show

    Evening excursion to El Alto to see the Cholitas (typical andean women) wrestling! An interesting and fun way to spend your day by experiencing something that only Bolivia can offer. The show goes on only on Thursdays and Sundays.

  • City Tour - La Paz Off The Beaten Track & Moon Valley

    A unique city tour on foot that will not only show you the usual parts of the city such as the the historic government and financial districts but also take you to parts other tours do not and mingle with the locals, walk in the colorful markets, visit the fast growing city of El Alto above La Paz and travel on the Teleferico (the new cable car system). This tour is an extended version of the Off the Beaten Track tour that takes in the Moon Valley and Southern Zone.

  • Copacabana & Sun Island 2-Day (from La Paz)

    2 day tour of Copacabana and Sun Island (Isla del Sol) from La Paz. Includes one night hotel on Sun Island (Isla del Sol) and guided tour of Copacabana / Sun Island. This tour leaves daily and is run all year round. You can decide to end your tour with a transfer back to La Paz or with a transfer to Puno on the second day.

  • Tiwanaku Pre-Inca Ruins Day Trip - La Paz

    Tiwanaku is one of the most important ancient civilizations in the world and more is being learnt about it every day. For anyone with an interest in the history of Andean cultures and archaeology it is a worth while day trip from La Paz. This archaeological site of is a little over 70 km west from the city of La Paz towards the border town of Desaguadero.

  • Mine Tour Half Day - Potosi

    This half day tour to the mines in Potosí gives you the unique opportunity to witness the miners' way of living in the world's highest city. The Cerro Rico (''rich mountain'') of Potosí was famous for providing large quantities of silver and other precious minerals for Spain during colonial times. Due to this strong exploitation and harsh climate Potosí is now one of the poorest cities of Bolivia and by taking this tour you are supporting the local economy.

  • Urmiri Natural Hot Spring 2-Day Experience

    A great relaxing weekend out of La Paz - Urmiri thermal centre and its natural hot springs are waiting for you. Price varies according to room type.

  • City Tour - Sucre

    Sucre is the capital city of Bolivia and is known as The White City due to the predominant colour of its extremely well-preserved colonial buildings. Here is where Bolivia was founded. Sucre is also home to the best chocolate factories and to the site with the highest amount of dinosaur's footprints in the world. It has been part of the UNESCO heritage ever since 1991. Pickup from your accommodation is included.

  • Gourmet Food Experience (Restaurant Gustu)

    Gustu is an award-winning gourmet restaurant located in southern La Paz - it is number 1 restaurant in Bolivia and amongst the top restaurants in South America. Gustu works exclusively with Bolivian products from all its regions to demonstrate to the world its diversity and richness.

  • 1-Day Coffee Tour - Coroico

    Explore the sub-tropical Yungas valleys and get to taste different types of coffee by taking this one day trip from La Paz. The Coroico region is one of the main centres of coffee plantations in Bolivia and it's definitely worth a visit. Transfer from and back to La Paz is included in the price.

  • Wine Tour Half Day - Tarija

    Tarija is renowned for being the land of Bolivian wine. Wine tours are an increasingly popular attraction and a really good option to visit some of the best wineries in South America. This half day tour leaves twice a day every day of the week except for Sunday afternoon.

  • Wine Tour Full Day - Tarija

    Tarija is renowned for being the land of Bolivian wine. Wine tours are an increasingly popular attraction and a really good option to visit some of the best wineries in South America. This day tour visits more wineries than the half day and it includes lunch. It can leave every day from Monday to Saturday.

  • City Tour - Santa Cruz de la Sierra

    The ideal tour for those who wish to experience the city of Santa Cruz but are short on time! This tour can leave daily with a minimum of two people and price changes according to the group size. It is more than just a standard city tour as the itinerary can be flexible and can be changed according to your interests. Please let us know if you have anything in mind you really want to see in Santa Cruz and we will try to customize the tour as much as we can.

  • Sajama National Park 3-Day Tour

    Explore the incredible Bolivian high plain, marvel at Bolivia's highest mountain, natural hot springs and Andean Wildlife. A real off the beaten track adventure

  • The Secret Andean Trail 2-Day Trip

    Perfect for those short on time and wanting to see authentic Andean culture and get off the beaten track where tourists seldom venture.

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