Here you can find all the tours we offer in the Santa Cruz Region including the incredible Amboro National Park and Samaipata Fort Unesco World Heritage site.

Santa Cruz is Bolivia's largest city but tourism there is not as developed as it is in the Andean side of La Paz. We believe Santa Cruz and its surroundings are just as interesting and shouldn't be skipped in a trip to Bolivia as often happens. The city offers different experience than the rest of Bolivia with the local "cambas" often being more outgoing that their highland counterparts. It is one of the fastest growing cities in South America but the city central, seems almost town like around the central plaza. Based on a ring system the city is growing outwards and has a number of diffferent zones.

Santa Cruz

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  • City Tour - Santa Cruz de la Sierra

    The ideal tour for those who wish to experience the city of Santa Cruz but are short on time! This tour can leave daily with a minimum of two people and price changes according to the group size. It is more than just a standard city tour as the itinerary can be flexible and can be changed according to your interests. Please let us know if you have anything in mind you really want to see in Santa Cruz and we will try to customize the tour as much as we can.