Rurrenabaque Hotels

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  • Hotel Oriental - Rurrenabaque

    Hotel Oriental is located at the main Plaza of Rurrenabaque. This is a good budget level option that is clean and pleasant.  Private, double, twin, triple and quad rooms are available. This hotel is popular with tour groups and is often used by the better tour opertaors in Rurrenabaque for their tour packages that include hotel night in the town. For this reason it is advisable to book this hotel in advance.

  • Hostal El Curichal - Rurrenabaque

    Hostal El Curichal - New Generation Hostel is a popular hostel located in on the main avenue in Rurrenabaque. It is the ideal place to spend your night before or after your Amazon tour - you can decide to relax by the pool or on one of the many hammocks available for guests. Breakfast is included in the price.