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Peru Transport


We offer a full online booking service for transport in Peru meaning you can pre-book you transport options and pay with credit card or Paypal on line. This has been hugely popular since we launched this service as it has enabled many travellers to pre-book buses, trains or flights that would otherwise been full when they arrived in Cusco, Lima or other parts of Peru. The options we offer are the most recommended and popular choices.

The infrastructure in Peru is not as good as many other countries so sometimes there is no high quality option but if this is the case we point this out in the descriptions. On major routes and for more popular tourist destinations there is often a higher standard available. If you are unsure about what might be the most suitable option for you simply contact us and we can advise. When travelling in Peru and South America in general though we always recommend you don’t try to stick to a very tight schedule as it is not uncommon to experience problems that can slow you down. The region is infamous for its social protests and roadblocks or during the rainy season road damage and other environmental problems can all cause delays. Please us the menu on the left hand side to navigate through our transport options or simply use the search box top right which enable you to find what you need.