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Book hotels in Copacabana. We offer a hotel booking service for a number of select hotels around Bolivia that we believe can offer the visitor something a little bit special. On this page you will find our current hotels for Copacabana.

We have tried to find places that offer a little more than just being a hotel but have a special touch. It might be a historical building or homely feel, super friendly service or unique décor but each of the options we offer comes recommended by us. So if your the type of traveller who wants their accommodation to be a little bit special or a backpacker that simply fancies a little bit of extra luxury for a night or two then please take a look at our options and we hope you will find something to suit.

If you find a hotel that you think is special and think it should be included in our service please let us know and why you think so. If you are a hotel owner or manager and wish to work with us please send us your details, why you think you offer something unique and we will be happy to take a look at your hotel.

IMPORTANT - Making a booking through our web site is not a guarantee of space until we have confirmed your requested dates. We will get back to you with confirmation details as soon as we can. Cancellations are subject to each individual establishments cancellation policies (this is provided on each information page).

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  1. Hotel Las Olas Copacabana Bolivia

    Hotel Las Olas - Copacabana


    Hotel Las Olas in Copacabana is located on a hillside with fantastic views of Lake Titicaca and Copacabana Village. The buildings have been purpose built and all suites have been individually designed by artists and offer great views through the ample wndows. The grounds are well kept and there are numerous hammocks and desk chairs for guests use.

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  2. Hotel La Cupula Copacabana Bolivia

    Hotel La Cupula - Copacabana


    Hotel La Cupula in Copacabana has for many years been one of the most popular hotels with both tour groups and individual travelers alike. Located on a hillside with fantastic views of the Lake and Copacabana town it is a relaxing sort. The hotel provides comfortable rooms and has a popular vegetarian restaurant on site.

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  3. La Estancia Ecolodge - Isla del Sol

    La Estancia Ecolodge - Isla del Sol


    Located in the southern part of the Sun Island, La Estancia Ecolodge is a sustainable accommodation ideal for those who want to spend the night in a typical Andean environment - from the architecture to the staff. 15 cottages available with no negative impact on the natural heritage of the island.

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