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Colombia has an incredibly rich culture and old local traditions are still alive nowadays. This country is extremely varied and each part of its history has left a mixed tangible heritage - from pre-colonial times to recent history - that makes it a unique place to visit.

Colombia's dances, music and folklore are world-famous and they should be central in your travel plan. Please check below all the cultural tours that we offer in Colombia and choose the ones you prefer.

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  1. 2 Day Coffee Tour - Manizales

    2 Day Coffee Tour - Manizales


    Explore the coffee region and learn how coffee is processed in this 2-day-experience in Manizales, Colombia. A unique opportunity to visit a real hacienda and walk around huge coffee plantations. This tour leaves daily and includes an overnight in Manizales after the tour. Accommodation the night before the tour is also available as an extra option.

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  2. City Tour by Bike - Medellín

    City Tour by Bike - Medellín


    An exciting city tour by bike to discover Colombia's second largest city Medellín. This is a fun way to explore the city and visit its most important places. This tour leaves daily. Medellín has a lot to offer and by taking this tour you will understand why.

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  3. Pablo Escobar City Tour - Medellín

    Pablo Escobar City Tour - Medellín


    Take this interesting city tour and follow the steps of one of the most influent drug lords of the last century. This tour aims at giving you an impartial overview of the life and facts of Pablo Escobar, one of the most notorious criminals of history. Leaves daily. 

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