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Red Monkey - Vegetarian Gourmet Food

Whilst there are plenty of decent veggie options in La Paz, more than you would expect given there doesn't seem to be that many vegetarians, many are places that offer a cheap veggie "almuerzo" lunch  or a cafe like atmosphere and that is fine as that is what you need most of the time but every now and again veggies and vegans would like to be able to go our and treat ourselves to some "fine dining" . So often the higher end restaurants don't 'get' vegetarians and simply, probably begrudgingly, tag on a veggie option onto the menu to cater for the "awkward one" in the group that chooses to not eat meat.


Red Monkey is a vegan / Vegetarian restaurant that is leagues above the other options. Positioning itself as "cocina consciente"  (basically cooking with conscience ) it prides itself on its fresh ingredients and inventive dishes. To the side of the restaurant building there is a garden filled with organic produce grown especially for use in the restaurant guaranteeing freshness and also supplying the difficult to find ingredients required by some of the dishes.

Rebeca-Santa-Cruz-cultivos_LRZIMA20130830_0080_4Red Monkey is located in Achumani which is a neighborhood in Zona Sur of La Paz and it is in fact not even in the center of that area and situated in a residential area. This makes it a little harder to find for those that dont know their way around but it is worth the effect.



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Address - Calle 30 'D' Nº 9, Achumani, Ciudad La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia  Tel - 2713509

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