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Colca Canyon Trek

For a two-day trek, the buses usually pick from Arequipa between 3:00 / 3.30 AM and then take you to the town of Chivay in the canyon regions. In the way to Chuivay, we make a few stops to see vicuñas, llamas and other Andean animals such as alpacas and vizcachas. The road goes up to 4,900 meters above the sea level, so a period of acclimatization in high altitudes is always recommended

before starting the tour. At the highest point, there's a small artisan market and a look-out. The landscape is very rocky and deserty.

After a three-hour bus ride, we arrive to the town of Chivay, the starting point of Colca Canyon where you have breakfast, after that,  you set off to see condors-- the best area to see wild condors in South America. Then,  we move onto San Miguel look-out we start our trek to San Juan de Chucchu. After 5-hours of walking, mainly downhill, we eat lunch and after walking for another 3-hours, we arrive to the village of Sangalle in the afternoon. Once there, you may go to the hot springs, which are extremely relaxing. By nightfall, we have dinner and there's an spectacle with traditional dances, which was very nice.colca-canyon Between the road Chivay and Cruz del Condor, we get to visit small towns within the canyon such as Yanque, with its beautiful church. Within these little towns, there are plenty of local people wearing colorful clothing and condors! Condors on the arms of the local people looking for tourist to get a picture taken.

Though it is locally known as the Valley of Colca, Colca Canyon is deeper than its counter-part in Arizona. Above all, the landscape filled with small villages and and farmland is breathtaking

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