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Most people who visit the Amazon region of Bolivia go to the Pampas and many combine this with a trip into the jungle proper in Madidi National Park. The town of Rurrenabaque serves as the starting point for trips into these areas and is accessible via daily flights (45 mins) or by road. We offer a large range tours for every budget from the popular 3 day Pampas tours for budget backpackers right up to the world famous awarding winning Chalalan Ecolodge.

Below you find our most popular options for Amazon tours. We have 3 day pampas tours, jungle tours from 1 to 5 days and 4 to 6 day combo tours, all starting from Rurrenabaque, in the Beni region. If you want to see all the options all at once, please select the All Tours category on the left side of the page, otherwise you can also choose individual operators to see their offers.

You might also want to combine one of these tours with flights to and from Rurrenabaque. We can arrange them as well - you find them in the Transport category.   

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  1. 3 Day Pampas Tour (Budget) - Rurrenabaque

    3 Day Pampas Tour (Budget) - Rurrenabaque


    This is the classic 3 day pampas tour for the budget backpacker. Extremely popular tour leaving daily with lots of wildlife that is easily spotted. Much of this tour is spent exploring the open wetlands in a motor canoe making for a relaxing yet adventurous experience. Bolivia is the cheapest place in South America to go on this type of tour.

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  2. 3 Day Jungle Tour (Mashaquipe Ecolodge) - Rurrenabaque

    3 Day Jungle Tour (Mashaquipe Ecolodge) - Rurrenabaque


    This is our 3 day jungle tour operated by Mashaquipe (Madidi Nature & Culture Program). Visit Madidi National Park on a certified eco-tour and see the wonders of the Amazon rainforest. We work with "green action" certified operator Mashaquipe to offer quality eco-tours in Madidi. Upgrade to private cabins available.

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  3. 4 day Wabu Program - Madidi Jungle Ecolodge

    4 Day Jungle Tour (Madidi Jungle Ecolodge) - Rurrenabaque


    This is our 4 day jungle tour operated by Madidi Jungle Ecolodge (Wabu Program). We have chosen to work with the operator Madidi Jungle Ecolodge for these tours as they offer a high quality service. Madidi Jungle Ecolodge is a new venture of Community Ecotourism totally created and managed by indigenous families from San Jose de Uchupiamonas. English-speaking guide for the tour. 

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  4. 5 Day Jungle & Pampas Tour (Bala Tours Ecolodge) - Rurrenabaque

    5 Day Jungle & Pampas Tour (Bala Tours Ecolodge) - Rurrenabaque


    This is our 5 day jungle and pampas combo tour operated by Bala Tours. This is a combo tour of pampas and jungle in Carocoles and El Tucuaral Lodges. This tour provides quality English-speaking guides, accommodations and services at a good value price. It is a great way to fit both the jungle and pampas into the same tour without having to stay in Rurrenabaque for a night in between.

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  5. 3 Day Community & Jungle Tour (San Miguel del Bala) - Rurrenabaque

    3 Day Community & Jungle Tour (San Miguel del Bala) - Rurrenabaque


    In this three day tour you will get to visit the Tacana community of San Miguel del Bala and learn about their culture and traditions plus also visit the world famous Madidi National Park and spend your second night in an ecolodge there. You will see first hand the community lifestyle and visit the surrounding rainforest with a knowledgeble local guide. You will learn about traditional hunting techniques, forest medicines, visit a jungle waterfall and can take a jungle hike to a canyon.

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  6. Chalalan Ecolodge Rurrenabaque

    5 Day Jungle Tour (Chalalan Ecolodge) - Rurrenabaque


    This is our 5 day jungle tour at the Chalalan Ecolodge (Penena Program). Chalalan is an award-winning community-owned ecolodge. Tours start in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia (transport to Rurre is not included but available separately) and range from 3 days/ 2 nights and more. During the busy season you should book well in advance as these tours book up fast!

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